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Wind Resonance Concert

The annual concerts have been held by Fuuchousha at Daiji-in in Daitoku-ji temple since 1998. The anniversary recital on the 10th year was held at the Ostu Noh Theatre Hall beside Lake Biwa.
Daitoku-ji temple is one of the most historical Zen temples in Kyoto. Famous monk Ikkyu Sojun, who was said to have very unique behaviours as a monk, used to lead the temple at Muromachi period (14-16 century). During Sengoku period (c.16 century) a lot of samurai lords and masters of tea ceremony donated their own temples, and now there remain 22 temples in the area. Daiji-in is one of those temples and was founded by a war lord, Tachibana in Kyushu.

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The 15th “Tune in old Tales”

15 & 16 September, 2012
Guest performer: KATO, Kei (actress)
KATAYAMA, Kyokusei (chikuzen-biwa)

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The 14th “Living and Enjoying at a moment”

22 & 23 October, 2011
Guest performer: SAWA, Akari (harpsichord player)

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The 13th “Noh-kan ― To Its Origin”

19 & 20 June, 2010
Guest performer: MATSUO, Kei (Japanese flutes and story-

  • The 13th
  • The 13th - NONAKA
  • The 13th - MATSUO

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The 12th “Nostalgia for the Silk Road ― the Remaining Sounds from an Ancient Capital”

9 & 10 October, 2009
Guest performer: MASTUI, Eiko (grand harp, kugo)

  • The 12th - Encore

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The 11th “Story of Purple ― Light of the Sun & Light of the Moon”

21 & 22 July, 2008
Guest performer: Chakkiri (walking musician/song, drums,

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The 10th Anniversary Special Concert
NONAKA Kumiko noh-kan recital “One Flute and One Chance”

3 November, 2007
Guest performers: KATAYAMA, Kyokusei (chikuzen-biwa)
Heidi S. Durning (dance)

  • NONAKA Kumiko noh-kan recital
  • NONAKA Kumiko noh-kan recital - a rehearsal

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The 10th “Asian Winds”

23 & 24 July, 2007
Guest performer: OKABAYASHI, Tatsuya (Morin khuur &


The 9th “Echo of Wind and Voice of Earth”

30 September & 1 November, 2006
Guest performer: KUBO, Hiroshi (tsugaru-shamisen)

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The 8th “Sound Story of Daiji-in”

1 & 2 October, 2005
Guest performer: SUGIYAMA, Minako (vocal & reading)

The 7th “Listen to the Voice of Stones through Noh-kan”

19 & 20 July, 2004
Guest performer: SANO, Fumiyo (writer and owner of
Japan-China cultural exchange salon

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The 6th “Renga by Flutes” (renga is a poem style, flourished in Muromachi period)

4 & 5 October, 2003
Guest performers: MATSUO, Kei (shinobue & noh-kan)
NAKAMURA, Kanako (ryuteki & komabue)

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The 5th “the Tune of Kyara”

19 & 20 October, 2002
Guest performer: KAWAMURA, Kyokuhou (chikuzen-biwa)

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The 4th “Wind from Middle Age & Tune from Modern Age”

6 & 7 October, 2001
Guest performer: TONAMI, Yukako (koto & shamisen)

The 3rd “Sounds of Seasons”

16 & 17 September, 2000
Guest performer: TAJIMA, Kazue (sho & u)

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The 2nd “Prayers for Heaven and Earth”

13 November, 1999
Afternoon concert “Resonance on Earth”
Guest performer: MATSUO, Kei (noh-kan, shinobue, dengakubue & story-telling)
Evening concert “Resonance in Heaven”
Guest performers: MATSUO, Kei (noh-kan, shinobue
& story-telling)
YASUMATSU, Taro (guitar)

  • The 2nd - Afternoon concert

The 1st “One Flute and One Chance”

13 & 14 July, 1998
Guest performer: SUGITANI, Akemi (tea ceremony)


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