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Beautiful Japanese Resonance
   Echi delle bellezze del Giappone

Milano Expo started on May 1st and Nonaka had a live performance at Japan Pavilion Event Plaze on 17th and 18th of May with 4 other artists.
We will have a concert to share the Milano performance with you here in Japan.
Our programmes consist of films and live music; "En-ku-kei" (a film of Buddhism sculptures by Enku accompanied with live music of percussions and Noh-flute), "the stories of Spirits and Yokai" (a illustrated film with live music), "Vision of beautiful Japanese scenery" (a photo film with noh-kan) .
Three guest artists will join in this concert from other groups which had performances in May at Japan Pavilion.

【Date/Time】July 22, Wed. 19:00PM
Doors open at 18:30
【Place】Chionsha (Kyoto city, Sanjo-Koromonodana)
【Performers】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
WATANABE Ryo (percussion)
OKADA Kazuko (composer; percussion)
NOMURA Yukihiro (film producer)
KIRINO Tomoaki (photographer)
NATSUME Hisako (mezzo soprano)
TSUZUKI Saiko (piano)
YOSHINAGA Masumi (calligraphy)
【Admission fee】3,000 yen (advance)
3,500 yen (doors)

»Website of Chionsha


Noh-kan mini-concert
in the evening of Gozan no Okuribi

Gozan no Okuribi (Daimonji) is one of the tradional summer events in Kyoto.
You can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine in season as well as noh-kan music.

【Date and Time】August 16, Sun.
Doors open at 16:30
Starts at 17:00 Concert starts at 18:30
They drive you to view bon fire at 19:00
after viewing you'll be driven back to the hotel or station
【Place】Minokichi Honten Takeshigero (Kyoto city)
【Player】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
【Fee】20,000 yen (including everthing)
【Contact】Takeshigero Tel 075-771-4185

»Website of Minokichi-Honten Takeshigero


Festival at Habu Shrine "Gratitude for water"

Music of noh-kan will be offered at shrine rite.

【Date and Time】August 18, Tue. 11:00AM
【Place】Habu Shrine
(Kishiwada city in Osaka Pref.)
10 min. on foot from JR Higashi Kishiwada station
【Fee】5,000 yen (including meal after rite)
【Player】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)

»Website of Habu Shrine


Story telling of "the Tale of Genji"

The performance will be held at new "Opera House Omoriza" which was reborn from the old building at Edo era.
The programme will be an interesting explanation about "the Tale of Genji", noh-kan solo pieces and a story telling of "Fujitsubo" from the Genji.

【Date and Time】September 6, Sun. 14:00
【Place】Opera House "Omoriza" (Ooda city, Shimane Pref.)
【Admission fee】500 yen
【Performers】ROKUSHIMA Yumiko (story telling)
NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
【Reservation】Ooda-shi Bunka Kyokai
Tel: 0854-82-6630
mail: ohda-bunka@mopera.net
Please tell your name, address and phone number when you reserve. Entrance ticket will be delivered later.   



Autumn Festival at Ninomiya Shrine

A noh-kan piece will be played as a music offering during the ritual celebration for the long life.

【Date and Time】September 21, Mon. 11:00AM
【Place】Ninomiya Shrine (Kobe city)
【Performers】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
Kobe Shinji Geinou Kenkyuukai (dance)
【Contact】 Fuuchousha

»Website of Ninomiya shrine


Autumn full-moon event at Ishiyama temple

Some say that Lady Murasaki started writing "the Tale of Genji" at Ishiyama temple.
Please draw your own image about the story of Heian period through the story-telling of Lady Murasaki and "the Tale of Genji" accompanied with nok-kan.
Nonaka will play at 18:30 on 25th.

【Date】September 25, Fri. - 27, Sun.
Night entrance starts at 18:00
【Place】Ishiyama temple (Ostu-city, Shiga pref.)
【Peformers】NONAKA, Kumiko (noh-kan)
ROKUSHIMA, Yumiko (story-teller)
【Entrance Fee】500 yen for night time entrance fee (18:00-21:00)
【Promoter】Ishiyama Kanko Kyokai

»Website of Ishiyama temple


"Taketori Tale" from a new point of view

Taketori Tale is said as the oldest stroy in Japan. Prince Kaguya is still a living topic as creative motif until Heisei era.
We will welcome you at the Oukyo kan which is docorated with Fusuma drawings by Maruyama Oukyo.
《I am sorry that the tickets are sold out.》

【Date/Time】October 4, Sun. 12:00 - 13:30
【Place】Oukyo kan of National Musuem in Tokyo (Ueno, Tokyo)
【Admission fee】7,000 yen 《SOLD OUT》
【Performers】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
KAWAMURA Kyokuho (chikuzen biwa)
KATO Kei (stoty telling)

»Website of Ganchabou


the 18th "Fukyo-no-kai"
(wind resonance concert)

The guest player this year is KANEKO Tesshin. He is a miracle player who can make various resonance with shakuhachi, bagpipe and other wind instruments.

【Date and Time】October 17, Sat. and 18, Sun. 17:30PM
【Place】Daiji-in of Daitoku-ji temple (Kyoto city)
【Admission fee】3,500 yen (reservation)
4,000 yen (doors)
【Performers】Nonaka Kumiko (noh-kan)
KANEKO Tesshin (bagpipe and others)
【Contact】 Fuuchousha

»Website of KANEKO Tesshin


Vermilion Resonance ― Music and Dance

Four performers will gather to creat a new piece which stimulates your imagination. Four members come from different fields and work with the image of vermilion as theme for this piece. We will exchange movements and sounds sometimes dramatically and sometimes quietly. Please enjoy a vivid stage performed at two different studios.

【Date and Time】October 24, Sat. and 25, Sun.
Starts at 18:00
Doors open at 17:30
【Place】24th at Daya's Dance Studio (near Kitano Tenmanngu in Kamigyo-ward)
25th at Iwakura Kukan (Iwakura in Sakyo-ward)
【Admission fee】2,500 yen
Please make reservations
【Players】Heidi Durning (fusion dance)
DAYA Tomiko (Indian dance)
WATANABE Ryo (percussion)
NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
Iwakura Kukan e-mail:maudancesakura@yahoo.co.jp

»Facebook page of duo Sakura-ka (Heidi Durning and Nonaka Kumiko)


Concert of Kyara in Shikoku

"Shikoku Pilgrimage to 88 temples" was celebrated for its 1200th year last year after monk Kukai founded it. Unit Kyara composed a new piece of Kukai and performed in Ehime musuem during the exhibition about 88 temples and Kukai.
This concert will be planned as the revival.

【Date and Time】November 7, Sat.
【Place】 Kokonsou (Shikokuchuo city, Ehime Pref.)
【Player】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
KAWAMURA Kyokuho (Chikuzen biwa)
【Entrance fee】announced later




At the annual rite for the founder of Saihoji temple Chikuzen biwa and noh-kan will perform after the sutra chanting.

【Date】November 11, Wed.
【Place】Saiho-ji temple (Uzumasa, Kyoto-city)
【Peformers】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
KATAYAMA Kyokusei (chikuzen biwa)
【Fee】donation (admission is free)
【Organizer】Saiho-ji temple


Saito Ogoma (Fire purification rite by Yamabushi)

Nenbutsu Odori and Koto and noh-kan will perform before the rite.

【Date】November 15, Sun.
【Place】Houju-ji temple (near Kyoto national museum)
【Peformers】NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)
TONAMI Yukako (koto)
Rokusai Nenbutsu Odori


Myouo Benzaiten Autumn Festival

Flower rite, biwa music and noh-kan music will celebrate the annual festival.

【Date】November 27, Fri.
【Place】Myouo Benzaiten (Hyakumanben, Kyoto)
【Players】TANIGUCHI Kyokuka and others(chikuzen biwa)
SANO Shuhou (flower)
NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)



Christmas concert of Kyara

Unit Kyara will play an original piece "the story of the birth of Jesus Christ" and other original programmes. Please enjoy the dishes and drinks for Christmas as well as Kyara's music.

【Date】December 12, Sat.
【Place】Cafe Open Farm (Nagaokakyo-city, Kyoto Pref.)
【Admission fee】undecided
【Players】KAWAMURA Kyokuho (chikuzen biwa)
NONAKA Kumiko (noh-kan)

»Facebook page of Cafe Open Farm


For further information or queries, please contact: