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Performance History - Abroad

2012 April - May
Dance peformance "Faller damm, faller regn"
(Gothenburg, Sweden)

Theatre performanceDance theatre 3:e våningen
dates: April 4th, 11th, 12th, 14th
13th Apr.Gothenburg University Music Hall
"Dance and Music Concert"
15th Apr.Gothenburg Music School
"Flute Workshop for young flutists"
26th Apr.Gothenburg Univ. World Music course "Noh flute Workshop"
Theatre perfromanceDance theatre 3:e våningen
dates: May 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, 11th
5th MayConcert at Haga Church
8th MayPerformance at a reception of East Asia Museum (Stockholm)
12th MayOutdoor performance at Vallevagen

2012 May
Dance peformance "Faller damm, faller regn"
Stage and Demonstration (Helsinki, Finland)

16thHall performance "Faller damm, faller regn"
18th and 19thInternational Symposium of the Asian Art and Performance
(Helsinki Theatre Academy)

2009 August
“Noh Flute Lecture Concert” (Stockholm, Sweden)

16thEtnografiska Museet (Ethnography Museum)
  • Etnografiska Museet
17thInternationella Biblioteket (International Library)
  • Internationella Biblioteket
»Etnografiska Museet website
»Internationella Biblioteket website

2007 February
“Noh Flute Performance for Cultural Exchange”

5that primary and secondary schools, Chiang Rai (Thailand)

2007 August
“Celebrating Performance” for the 20th anniversary of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Salon

  Noh flute: NONAKA, Kumiko
  Sho: TAJIMA, Kazue

4thFuzhou, Fujian Province (China)
6thWuyi Mountains, Fujian Province (China)

2005 October
“Concert― Tell the Story with Flowers”

  Biwa: Silvan Kyokusei Guignard
  Noh flute: NONAKA, Kumiko
  Flower ceremony: Sonia Ferrai

22ndBayreuth Kleine Stadthalle (Bayreuth, Germany)
23rdMuseum fur Volkerkunde (Munich, Germany)
25thMarianischen Saal (Basel, Switzerland)
26thGundeldingerfeld “Querfeld Halle” (Lucem, Switzerland)
27thMuseum Rietberg “Park-Villa Rieter” (Zurich, Switzerland)

2004 July
“Noh Flute Performance”

29thDawn House (Arun Project Hill Tribe Student House) at the exchange party, Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai (Thailand)

2002 July
International Association of Liberal Religious Women, Budapest (Hungry)

  • Budapest (Hungry)
25thNoh flute performance at the opening ceremony
27thNoh flute performance at the closing ceremony


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